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Lake Sacajawea

Southwest Washington


Southwest Washington -- Long Beach Area
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This man-made lake in Southwest Washington is a delightful way to spend a couple of hours, whether you walk, run, jog, or bike. Maple trees blaze red, orange and yellow in autumn, willows provide shade in spring, and the stark skeletons of those trees stand out against grey skies in winter. With various bridges crossing it, it's possible to venture all the way around it, or create smaller loops as needed.

With ample parking around the lake, it's possible to begin walking at just about any point. But, by beginning at St. John's hospital, you can take enjoy the "Solar System Walk". Dedicated in September of 2001, the Friends of Galileo Astronomy Club installed stone plaques along one side of the lake based on the Thousand-Yard Model of the solar system. As you walk the wide graveled path, look down and to your left for the informative plaques representing all the planetary bodies including the moon and the sun in our solar system. Each one features details about the planet it represents including basic data and some interesting trivia.

In order to see all of them, you'll want to stay on the path closest to the road (though you can follow the path when it dips below all the bridges, rather than having to cross the street).

The plaques line the west side of the lake, so they'll guide you all the way from the south to the north end. From here, it's easy to complete your loop by walking around the north end of the lake, noting a large water fountain before heading south. Along the way you'll pass many trees (labeled with their species and common name), the entrance to a lovely Japanese Garden, cultivated on one of the islands in the lake, and the open area that serves as the grounds for the towns 4th of July logging festival.

Soon, you'll pass a beautifully cultivated rhododendron garden. Stray from the gravel path and rock hop through the barkdust to enjoy the many varied species that bloom here, before rejoining the trail south.

Further south, walk through a large playground with bathrooms and plenty of room for the kids to run around, and then pass the entrance to Lions Island. If you choose to cross onto the island, it's a nice side trip, and you can see a large totem pole up close.

A visit to the lake can be a quick jog, a longer walk, or a day-long picnic and dawdle. Whatever you prefer, it's a nice way to spend a day.


Lake Sacajawea

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Southwest Washington -- Long Beach Area

City of Longview

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Getting There

From I-5, take exit 36 for Longview. Continue straight to an intersection with 15th Avenue, about three miles, then turn right onto 15th Avenue, and almost immediately, make a left onto E Kessler Way.

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Lake Sacajawea

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