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Rainier View

Mount Rainier Area

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Hiked Jul 8, 2021

Type of Hike

Day hike

Trail Conditions

Obstacles on trail:


Road rough but passable


Bugs were not too bad


Snow free

When we arrived at the TH, a truck, car and 3 forest service trucks were in the parking lot.  The forest service worker we talked to yesterday was there with 4 helpers and they were working on broken sections of the fence and planning to add a new section. He told us that he had been on 99% of the work crews throughout the time of restoration in the area. The Rainier View Trail begins from the parking lot at the end of the road. The trail travels gradually through a silver snag forest to the first viewpoint of Mt Rainier at about 1.25 miles. Views were as good here as at the viewpoint at the end of the trail. The top of Mt Adams and the Stuart Range could be seen. Wild strawberries line much of the forest floor along the trail and lupine, Jacob's ladder and arnica add color to the forest floor and blackened trees. There is a nice  wetland meadow about 1/2 mile from the TH and here were many, many false hellebore plants which should be blooming soon. There were 6 easily stepped over small trees to step over near the beginning of the trail. We had lunch at the first viewpoint. Here we saw Cusick's speedwell, pasqe flower in 2 stages, yellow violets, phlox, cinquefoil, stonecrop, sitka valerian and a few harebells. After lunch we continued along the ridge through a meadow where a white Jacob's ladder, heather and magenta paintbrush were new flowers seen.  I waited about 1/8 of a mile from the end of the trail while Bob continued on to the top which has more scree than I am comfortable with! Our Gaia App said we walked 3.75 miles and gained 560 feet. The day was hot, but there was a nice breeze which made the heat tolerable. We actually wore a jacket during lunch as the wind was cold and off and on strong. We saw 3 groups of hikers for a total of 8 hikers.