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Trip Report

Second Beach — Monday, Feb. 18, 2019

Olympic Peninsula

We found the one sliver of sunshine and snow-free camping in Washington on the coast. We took the 7:55 ferry from Seattle and then stopped at the ranger station to pick up permits and a ride chart. Bear cans are also required. Another 1.5 hours and we were to the parking lot. It is a 20-minute walk to get to the beach. We walked the entirety of the beach until we came back to a spot closer to the entrance. We were concerned with high tide coming at 11:30 PM so we set up at the back of the beach. There was also an extremely low tide that made for great tide pool exploring and lovely golden hour sunlight. We stayed up to make sure the tide would not come up high enough to hit our tents, and it didn’t come close at all. A cold night followed as the damp air came off the coast. We woke the next morning and left before the high tide was coming again, the highest it would be all month. We hiked out by 10, which barely gave us enough time to make it around a large haystack with the water coming in. When you can find a sunny, winter weekend on the coast, this is a great place to camp! Saw one other guy on the beach.

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