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Trip Report

Marmot Pass — Friday, Jul. 5, 2019

Olympic Peninsula

A last minute invite took 5 of us on a misty trek up to Marmot Pass. The road up to trailhead was passable with regular passenger vehicle, but large potholes dot the path, so proceed with caution.

There were a number of downed trees across the trail between miles 1 and 2. Just short of the 2.5 mile mark, the trail turned into a river as the stream ran into the trail and became a secondary run off that started just below Shelter Rock Camp. The stream ran into the trail again after Camp Mystery. 

Between Shelter Rock and Camp Mystery are steep forest trails interspersed with scree field crossings. The wild flowers were out in full force, which made for a gorgeous hike despite very low visibility due to fog and heavy mist. In a week or two, the berries would be out and ripened, so plan accordingly!

We camped along the ridge line, and the trail up to our camping spot from Marmot Pass is rough, intensely steep and in serious need of maintenance. There were still patches of snow, but not on the trails. 

It misted/rained overnight and kept us socked in all but 40-ish minutes of our 27-hour trip, but the wildflowers covered the slopes made for gorgeous photos during the sun break. 

Despite the weather and a partially miserable night in which the inside of my tent got drenched, that adage "the principle difference between heaven and hell is the company you keep" rang beautifully true. The trip was PERFECT thanks to super wonderful friends Saskia, Danika, Kat and Sean. So grateful to live in this beautiful place surrounded by amazing people.