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Trip Report

Hannegan Pass and Peak — Saturday, Jul. 6, 2019

North Cascades

of course the PNW weather came out in full force and gave us clouds, fog, and some fun rain. the wildflowers are out in abundance! loved the variety and seeing all the bumblebees hard at work.

we were lucky though, the hike in to hannegan camp was cool but not raining - just wet overgrown foliage on the trail in places. we started around noon and took our time on the way up. one camp member had a genius idea and had a tarp, which saved our skins by having a covered area outside of the tents for that night and next day during lunch.

we did 4.14 miles in to camp on saturday, and then on sunday 1.34mi up to hannegan peak, back to camp to pack up, and then headed out. we got peekaboo views while up there, but only for a hot second, then thick fog bogged us in. always remember your layers!

trial is a tiny bit rough, but there are tags out for a WTA work party to fix it up... not sure when? we're talkin a lot of loose footing, tight trail w/ overgrowth in some spots, big (and small) boulders making obstacles, and just generally unkempt in areas. all is doable, but trekking poles while carrying our overnight packs were a bit of a lifesaver in a few hairy spots. since it was a wet one beforehand, you get damp from brushing up against the plant life. highly suggest long pants because there is a ton of stinging nettles in the first couple of miles.