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Trip Report

Killen Creek to High Camp — Thursday, Jul. 4, 2019

South Cascades

We started early on Thursday. Very few people
, which was nice for us. The trail was in great shape before the junction crossing the PCT. once we crossed the junction it became noticeably steeper and rugged. It wasn’t hard to make our way through just not the grade on the approach.

Once we made it through the snow fields, which were short and easy to navigate through we came to the meadow and searched out a camp site. There seemed to be no bad sites up there. Water was easily accessible.

We made camp and soon appreciated the slight breeze. Where we were the bugs were horrendous the first night. Our kids started letting them bite them and smacking to see who had the biggest blood splatter for entertainment.

The next day we decided to do a little cross country trek. It wasn’t our best move but we made it from high camp to the around the mountain trail to the east. Got a great look at the lava glacier. Once we hooked up with the around-the-mountain trail we soon realized that not having our bug spray was going to make for a long and drawn out trip back to camp.

The second night the wind was consistent and the bugs were long gone up high. Thankfully, after 2-3 miles of off trail travel and another 4-5 miles of some suffocating mosquito air to get back to camp and have it be bug free was pleasant surprise.

The next day it was evident it was Saturday. Lots of day hikers, climbers and backpackers. The parking lot was full compared to the one other car back on Thursday.

Over all it was a great place to spent 4th of July. The 3/4 of the trail was great the last 1/4 was a knee buster. The trail is easy to nav. Water is plentiful, camp sites are spaced out really well.

Some of the pics are from our second day adventure but the show up high and lower elevation as well.