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WTA's hiking guide is the most comprehensive database of hikes in Washington, and comprises content written by local hiking experts and user submitted information. All data is vetted by WTA staff. This resource is made possible by the donations of WTA members.

We respectfully acknowledge the lands we are visiting are the homelands of Indigenous tribes of the Pacific Northwest, some of whom have reserved treaty rights on these lands. Tribes continue to rely on and share in the management of these lands today. Please tread gently and treat these places with respect.

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3 Hikes
Hoh River Trail to Five Mile Island

Olympic Peninsula -- Pacific Coast

10.6 miles, roundtrip
Gain: 300 ft.
Highest Point: 800.0 ft.
Average rating:
(28 votes)
A classic hike in any season, but come in winter and you’ll find that the hordes of tourists, hikers, and climbers who use this trail in the summer have dwindled to just a trickle.
Hoh River Trail to Elk Lake

Olympic Peninsula -- Pacific Coast

33.0 miles, roundtrip
Average rating:
(4 votes)
Beautiful multi-day hike that shows off the beauty of the Hoh Rainforest. Hike on relatively level ground until the last two miles, which climb to Elk Lake Campground, a good place to start a day hike to the glacier.
Hoh River Trail to Blue Glacier

Olympic Peninsula -- Pacific Coast

37.0 miles, roundtrip
Gain: 3700 ft.
Highest Point: 4300.0 ft.
Average rating:
(11 votes)
Hike the Hoh River to the Blue Glacier through lush rainforest. Pass spectacular old-growth dripping with moss, nurse logs providing nourishment to full grown trees and end with a panorama including the the aptly named Blue Glacier and Mount Olympus. The bio-diversity on this hike is seldom seen on such an accessible backpacking trip. Just be sure to check in with the ranger station before overnighting -- while there are lots of campsites, it's a popular place, and you'll need to reserve in advance.