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Broken Fir

Ancient fir tree toppled in a 1974 storm, Evergreen Trail, Rockport State Park.

Evergreen Trail

Along the well-named Evergreen Trail in Rockport State Park.

Bridal Veil Creek

Here is Bridal Veil Creek as viewed from the bridge crossing over it.

Bouquet of Glacier Lilies

Taken on the Thirteenmile trail in the Kettle River Range, at the pass between Fire Mtn and Seventeenmile Mtn.

Boardman Lake

It was amazing hike, ice still present on the lake

Mt. Snoqualmie

Commonwealth Basin loop. Park near PCT trailhead (snow to the highway), double-log bridge, Cave Ridge approach, descended and regained north ridge, continued N to Lundin, and out Commonwealth Basin. Seems to be a heavy snow year. An alpine snow scramble. 1 hr. drive from Seattle.

Mountain Goat on Westside Rd

Just before the trail starts, I see this guy in the rocky slope on the side of the road! Great way to start the hike!

Mt Baring

Sunset reflecting off the waters of Barclay Lake.


It's hard to see that it was sunny but it was, along with the rain.

Trillium Seedhead

I think some seedheads of wildflowers can be as beautiful and interesting as the flowers. This was right along the trail waiting to be noticed.

Window of rock

This hole in the rock made for a wonderful framing of an offshore island on the Ozette Triangle trail.

Tweedy's Lewisia

The Tweedy's lewisia and calypso orchids were still beautiful along the Chiwaukum Creek Trail last week.