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A picture of a trillium bloom taken on the West Fork Foss River trail on the way back from Trout Lake.

Wildflowers and Steamboat Rock

This is taken about halfway up Steamboat Rock. It was cloudy and windy, but nice light for pictures. I was playing around with a new Canon G12.

How's it goin', shorty?

Western red cedar (Thuja plicata), actually part of the cypress family, reaches up towards the sky to conduct some photosynthesis far above the Lake Twenty-two trail.

Balsamroot in bloom

Dawn greets blooming balsamroot on the Clackamas Mountain loop in northeast Washington.

Tweedy's Lewisia

Tweedy's Lewisia in its favorite cliffside habitat. The finest specimens are usually found high up on a sunny rock. I took this shot while clinging to the cliff with one hand and holding the camera above my head with the other, aiming by "guesstimation". The shot was made easier by using a 14mm super-wide angle lens with huge depth of field.


One of thousands of bitterroot plants seen on Cowiche Mountain.

Sauk Mountain

View from Illabot Creek Forest Service Road 16, Mt Baker Ranger District.