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Mount Ellinor

Olympic Peninsula

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Hiked Oct 17, 2013

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Day hike
I chose to hike beginning at the upper trial head, and I am not sorry at all! There were mushrooms everywhere, the fog was deep in the valleys, just a stunning day! I would say if you have knee issues, this may not be the hike for you, there is a lot of step ups (on the way up) and equally step downs on the way down, so be forewarned. The notes on this hike before suggested poles and I am very grateful for that advice. The views are so stunning there are really no words for it. The snow had melted from the October 3rd report, and just a few areas remained at the upper level. Do not forget you camera and your water. I thought there would be a few streams since there had been snow, however, there were not so my water purifying bottle was of no use and I quickly exhausted the regular bottle of water I brought with me in case of emergency. There is no water at the trail head either. This is a wonderful hike, and a very good one if you are training for other mountains, the people on the trail were very nice.