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Trip Report

Lake Ingalls

Snoqualmie Region

Trip Report By

WTA Member


Hiked Oct 11, 2014

Type of Hike

Day hike

Trail Conditions

Minor obstacles posing few problems


Road rough but passable


No bugs


Intermittent snow - not hard to cross
We were another one of the unlucky ones that got caught in the snow storm on Saturday. We got to the trail-head about 930 and hit the trial about 10 I believe. At this time the skies were blue with a few clouds and every now and them up to the pass we would get the sun beaming down on us. Looked like a beautiful day! After we got up to the pass the weather changed significantly. It was suddenly a little windier with clouds rolling in. We were already halfway there so we trekked on. By the time we hit Headlight Basin it started to dump snow but non was sticking. It definitely turned into a storm. Because we had already gone so far we decided to head on to the lake. Shortly after the snow started sticking. There was also a huge thunder roll that was a bit scary. Not long after that we made it to the Lake. Everyone had left so it was just us there for about 5 minutes then we decided to turn back as the weather seemed to be getting worse. Because of the snow the rocks were really slick so it took us longer to get back than anticipated. We didn't see any mountain goats while we were up there but I am assuming the went to lower elevation as they probably knew a storm was coming. The way back was a little tricky at some points because there were no other footprints leading the way and the snow covered the trail but we figured it out. It looked like a couple people were trying to set up camp in the storm. After coming back to the pass the weather changed again. It was warmer and way less precipitation. The wind down back to the trail head was pretty brutal at times but all in all what an exciting trip! The fall colors and the larches were beautiful! And I really cant wait to go back in better weather. I have posted a photo journal of our trip on my blog below.