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Trip Report

Green Lake

Mount Rainier Area

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Hiked Feb 12, 2015

Type of Hike

Day hike

Trail Conditions

Minor obstacles posing few problems


Road suitable for all vehicles


No bugs


Snow free
The hike starts at the Carbon Entrance. The road which used to be open for vehicles was converted into a generously wide foot path. You will walk amid primordial old growths, hear the almost symphonic rush of water flowing down a stream mixed in with the tree ensconced Carbon River whirring in the background. After about 3 miles of gentle stroll, you'll happen, eventually, upon a sign on the right side of the road bearing the name "Green Lake Trailhead." Enter. If you're lucky, a glistening gossamer devoid of its carpenter will greet you as you further your journey here. The trail will take on a different face - steps, stones, and water, appearing one by one, eventually occupying your way simultaneously. It wasn't particularly dry, nor was the day soaked with rain hurtling in all directions - it was strangely both. If you hope to exist here without tolerating a little bit of moisture, you're out of luck. But don't let that discourage. This hike was all-around pleasant and hardly any effort was exerted to enjoy its serenity. On your way up, the trail is bifurcated into two directions; on the left is the short 200' diversion to Ranger Falls, and to the right continues the way to Green Lake - pit stop to the waterfall is highly recommended! Keep walking and in about a mile, you'll cross a log bridge which, from a certain distance, looks frail and untrustworthy. False. The bridge is sturdy and if one examines it enough, is really quite pretty, too! Enjoy as it allows you to hover aloft a modest river which, I gathered, was perpetuating the glory of Ranger Falls. In a few more minutes of treading a very decent and gentle trail, you'll arrive at Green Lake. Green Lake, in the height of this mild winter of ours, was like a performance hall, where clouds danced above it - their movements so curiously harmonious, like a well choreographed ballet. Furthermore, Green Lake didn't quite look like the garden variety green we're all used to - it was more like absinthe. The green fairy. Indeed, if fairies existed, this might be a place for them to call home.