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Duwamish Trail — Sunday, Nov. 20, 2016

Puget Sound and Islands
Walked the Duwamish trail on this rainy Sunday morning staring at Terminal 105 Park and walking south all the way to and crossing the First Avenue bridge. Out and back mileage including the walk over the nice dedicated pedestrian bit on the First Ave bridge is exactly 6.0 miles with no material vertical. The trail is traditional urban multi-use. The only issue is that the view pier at Terminal 105 Park is closed for use, (it looks like it was originally cobbled together out of a couple old railroad flatbed cars and it has seen better days…) The trail does continue on a combination of dedicated and traditional sidewalk sections all the way to in to the South Park neighborhood if you would like some more distance. The route is urban and industrial - similar to the Cheshiahud loop around Lake Union but a bit rougher. There are excellent water views at Terminal 105 Park, Herring's House Park and along several sections of trail farther south. Lots of industrial action with concrete plants, railroad switching, scrap yards, huge container shipping yards, etc, as well. Don't miss the Duwamish tribe Longhouse and Cultural Center right across the street from Herring's House Park. The big surprise for me was that there is more wildlife here than I've seen nearly anywhere else in the Seattle city limits - cormorants, heron, more Kingfishers than I have seen in in years, aggressive little over winter humming birds, various other seabirds picking little fish (smelt?) out of the river and to top it off a big sea lion followed us back up the channel from the bridge all the way back to Terminal 105. Even in the most industrial section of the city, mother nature finds a way I guess.