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Upcoming Hiker Events

Posted by Crystal Gartner at May 10, 2021 12:30 PM |
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Hiking can often be a solitary experience, but when you're looking to engage with the outdoor community, there is no shortage of opportunities in Washington.

Many WTA and hiker events around the state have been cancelled or shifted online to keep our community safe. Here are some ways you can connect with WTA and the hiking community online.

Connect with WTA

Our website, will remain a place for you to find information about local green spaces, updates on trails and moments of joy and inspiration. We hope you can connect with each other and to us on our social channels. Read past trip reports or share your own with the community.

In Person Events   

Tacoma Trails Challenge
June 5-20
Hike and win prizes to celebrate National Trails Day with Metro Parks Tacoma. Register online, log 5 hikes (or 25 miles) and win prizes. Free to register. 

Glacier Peak Institute Trail Races
June 6th and August 15
The Glacier Peak Institute will be hosting their first trail race series this summer. A 12K will take place on June 6 and August 15, and a half-marathon on August 15. The race route will run along the White Chuck Bench Trail. 

Wilderness First Aid Course
June 12-13 9:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m. 
This 2-day, 18-hour Wilderness First Aid class will equip you to respond to unexpected injuries or illnesses in locations and situations where resources may be limited and emergency responders are slower to arrive. Taught by safety and wellness educator Shawn Ritchey, this American Health and Safety Institute course prepares students to quickly respond to a variety of wilderness-specific situations that require first aid intervention.  WTA members are encouraged to call to register and receive a $25 discount on the registration fee.

Virtual events     

Hikes For Health Challenge
May 17-June 13
This REI event consists of 4 self-guided mini challenges designed to get people outside. Sign up, check off the challenges and you may even win some prizes along the way. 

Orca Action Month
June 1-30
Celebrate the iconic Southern Resident orcas throughout the month of June. Choose from events and activities — coordinated by the OrcaSalmon Alliance and partners — that bring together researchers, conservation organizations, orca lovers, and elected officials, and inspire action and advocacy efforts to protect this highly endangered population. Online and in-person events. 

The Sum of Us: Racial Healing and the Movement to Connect Children and Nature 
June 10, 10:00-11:00 a.m. 
Author Heather McGhee and Dr. Gail C. Christopher discuss racism’s role in creating barriers to nature and how we equitably move forward. Register in advance. Free. 

Homewaters: A Human and Natural History of the Puget Sound
July 14, 6:00-7:15 p.m. 
An interview with David B. Williams whose new book explores the complex human and natural history and present of the Puget Sound. Hosted by the North Cascades Institute. $15.00 tuition. 

A Wilderness Puzzle: The Creation of North Cascades National Park
October 6, 5:30-6:45 p.m. 
Join the North Cascades Institute and Lauren Danner as she unfolds the story of how this national park came to be. Register in advance. $15. 

Ongoing Activities

Walk With a Doc
Walk With a Doc is a global community where doctors go on short walks with patients and members of the public. Each walk kicks off with a short presentation on a health topic followed by a short walk through a local park. Currently these walks are virtual due to social distancing measures, but will return to in-person meet-ups as soon as it's safe to do so. Walks are held in Everett, Olympia, Yakima, Spokane and St. Helens Oregon. 

Self-guided Forest Bathing
The Washington Park Arboretum has several great resources for visitors to practice forest bathing, an approach to mindfully enjoying nature. Learn about the practice, find resources and share your experience with others. 

Volunteer as an Adventure Scientist
Help collect tree samples for a database that will be used to catch illegal timber harvests. Volunteer hikers collect leaves, seeds and wood samples and send them in to be tested, then the timber industry is able to check the wood that comes through their mills against this data to determine if it was harvested from an area where logging is permitted. 

Be a Citizen Archivist for the National Archive 
Add tags to photos from America's Scenic Byways to make this resource more searchable for the public. First you must register, then you can pick the type of archiving you want to do and get started. There are more opportunities here as well, like transcribing historical documents about the first U.S. roads and trails to be built in Alaska. 

Environmental Film Festival
Explore the collection of current and past festival films now available for streaming. The Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital (DCEFF) is the world’s premier showcase of environmentally themed films. 

Mapping Seattle's Historic Orchards 
Help identify historic fruit trees in your neighborhood that may be remnants of historic orchards. This project aims to identify and preserve these heirloom varieties still growing in Seattle. 

Living Snow Project
The Living Snow Project mobilizes volunteers to collect and submit samples of pink snow so researchers at Western Washington University can study the microbiome of creatures living in these environments. Anyone in the mountainous US can participate with a simple phone app and a sample kit that can be picked up or mailed to you. 

Story Time at the Miller Library
The Miller Library at UW's Botanic Garden presents monthly stories about gardens, plants and nature. Tune in anytime to watch a virtual reading of a new book each month. 

OTHER Local & Amazing hiking communities

We also keep a list of many other local meet up groups and networks. While you might not be able to connect in person, you might find their online community is someplace you'd like to spend some time.

Explore these accounts and podcasts

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