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The Trail System of Tomorrow

Reimagining trail systems to meet growing enthusiasm.


Washington has vast and inspiring landscapes with opportunities to create more trails and increase connections between existing trails for added adventures. Trails Rebooted is a big picture approach to recreation that will allow WTA to focus on improving existing trails while supporting the construction of new ones.

We will guide hikers to similarly inspiring experiences — just on new and different trails. In 2019, we explored solutions in several pilot areas, areas that we think will meet the needs of hikers in the future. Upgrading these trail systems now, with sustainability and growing demand in mind, will guarantee great experiences on trail for generations to come. 

The Teanaway

Stafford Creek Trail by Valerie Goto

The Teanaway is a favorite among WTA staff. And now, this area is even better for outdoor recreation with the addition of the Teanaway Community Forest. The entire region offers stupendous recreation opportunities just beyond the hubbub of the most popular parts of the I-90 corridor. Discover more about the Teanaway Community Forest and how it will expand recreation opportunities and boost the local recreation economy.


Snoquera Falls by Jason Prater

This region of the state, just outside of Mount Rainier National Park, has several wonderful hikes that are already popular. Recent fires and an ongoing landscape analysis by the Forest Service offer a ripe opportunity to think decades into the future about what recreation could look like for this region. Stay tuned for more on this pilot project this summer and, in the meantime, keep an eye out for upcoming trail work parties in the area.

Mountain Loop Highway

Walt Bailey Trail by Sona Atanesyan

Several trails off the Mountain Loop Highway are already well known — just check out the parking lots in the middle of a sunny Saturday. We want to take a close look at the hiker experience on trails and at trailheads, and consider how we can help to improve it. Stay tuned for more on this pilot project this fall. In the meantime, file a trip report for a nearby hike, make a donation to support this work or sign up for a trail work party!


Iller Creek Loop by Mary Weathers

The recreation community in Spokane has demonstrated a passion for trails that is unparalleled. The area has a shorter hiking and trail maintenance season thanks to regular snowfall, but that hasn’t stopped WTA’s volunteer community from seeking out creative opportunities to stay engaged. WTA is expanding our opportunities for volunteers to invest in close-to-home trails to meet Spokane’s growing population and demand for great hiking. Check out our upcoming opportunities to get involved.


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